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  Supercharger / Turbocharger / Multi-Carb progressive / DFI / EI systems designed and constructed for vintage racing engines.  

Uncommon Engineering is a custom and special order concern featuring original design, patternmaking, original castings, replica work, machining, and custom / competition engine building.  It's basically a one-of-a-kind resource.  Bookmark us for future reference!  E-MAIL or CALL with your needs



"Blower Ready" Flatty Ford assemblies, standard assembly includes Ross forged pistons,  ground & polished stock connecting rods, genuine Merc 4.00 cranks, Clevite 77 main, rod, and cam bearings.  Cloyes aluminum timing gear, special oversized ID hard seats both INT and EX, three angle valve job, all new valve guides, shims, Isky single springs, new adjustable tappets, Manley 1.600 Stainless valves, special blower grind cam, and center main cap support.  Add your choice of blower kits (below), choice of cylinder heads (vintage/ standard aluminum/ custom), pan, and  pumps.  Flathead 8BA (49-53) Available NOW, Call / E-Mail for pricing, packages, and options ! 




"Blower Ready" upgraded  8BA Assembly. Steel center main cap, front / rear caps w/ custom fitted steel supports,  H-Beam forged rods, ARP rod bolts, Ross forged pistons, tool steel pins, spirolocks, custom cam grind, threaded crank oil passage plugs, alum cam gear.  Oversized 1.600 Manley Stainless valves, Isky Springs, oversized hard seats, new adjustable tappets & guides, Grant rings, all new GR8 hardware.  Street or race porting. 

Choose a Blower setup and drive below, heads of your choice, or special / vintage heads available, up to EXCLUSIVE OHC 3-valve per cyl conversions, dual spark plug conversions, monster strokers, 5 main bearing girdles & billet cranks, dry sump oil systems   CALL or E-Mail for particulars ! 


Classical Forced Induction for Flathead Ford V-8

 Top Mounted 4-71 Blower manifolds for Flathead Ford

Yep, here it is.  NEW 4-71 Blower manifolds for Flathead Fords!!  All new designs, all new patterns, all new castings!

From the Classical Forced Induction line comes the third great look in Blown Flatheads, the Classical top-mounted 4-71 Blower.  Available with modern or nostalgia blower drives upon order!  Vintage Gilmer sprockets and belts (introduced late 1954, see 4-71 blown Flatty on main page) for a Great nostalgia look, or how bout multiple Vee belts for a late 40's Dry Lakes look?  Or the Classic chain drive and sprockets with finned aluminum guards? Design your next Rod around one of these packages and feel the need to be exclusive.  This incredible stuff is available NO WHERE ELSE in the Industry. 


Miller style finned centrifugal blowers

Totally unique and totally exclusive !  From in-house design through aluminum foundry pattern making and machining, the new line of Classical Forced Induction for Ford V-8's is the nostalgia look sensation!

Miller Finned Centrifugal Blower 

The Miller "style" centrifugal blowers were all the rage in the 30's, adorning various Miller and Duesenberg race cars and highest end passenger cars of the Era.  These blowers have not been produced since the Deco Era.  Finally, Uncommon Engineering  recaptures the Classic Look and Spirit of the 30's with this incredible centrifugal supercharger.  Hardened and ground Class 10 gearing, modern impeller design, slipper bearings, pressure oiling, while retaining the Classic appearance of Harry Miller's artistic finned centrifugal superchargers add incredible panache to your powerplant!  

Miller centrifugal 

Potvin "style" 

crank driven Rootes blowers

From the Fabulous Dragsters and Lakesters of the 50's comes the inspiration for the Potvin-style front mounted crank driven Rootes blower for Flathead Ford! 

Want the Bonneville salt flats look in your rod?  This one will do it!  This exclusive front mounted blower kit for Flathead Ford V-8 is engineered to be streetable besides!  Dual water pump drives, distributor drive, timing case replacement front blower mount, crank / blower coupler, and special intake manifold with dual 2.375" blower outlet tubes makes this setup the bomb!

  Romeo Palamides "style"  

DUAL 4-71's for Flatty Ford!!

DUAL 4-71's in the Classic Romeo Palamides style pyramid make the Flathead Ford the Roadster Show stuff of legend.  From the very early 60's came the most visually impressive Blower setup ever!  Featured on a very select few totally awesome drag boats and magazine cover cars, this setup defines "blower envy"  No foolin' around, if one 4-71 on a Flatty is awesome, two is over the top. Which is what it's all about!  Exclusive castings and impeccable craftsmanship recreate the Look.  


Prices subject to change without notice

7X+  308 Hornet Engine Exchange or Outright  

These exclusive rebuilt engines include modern oversized Manley Stainless Steel 1.647 oversize dia. ex valves, huge 2.00" SS INT valves, hard exhaust seats installed for unleaded fuel, new valve guides, special modern large diameter valve springs and retainers, ARP 190,00 PSI connecting rod bolts, three ring  Forged Pistons with tool steel pins, Cloyes True Roller Timing set,  7X+ exclusive grind special performance cam of your choice (cams ground for automatic or manual transmission usage, smooth or lopey idle), block / head changed over for 1/2" Gr8 head bolts and Gr 8 washers, and includes the new wide and shallow high compression / high turbulence relief developed exclusively for this application! 

Ports are cleaned up on the short side radius and gasket matched, and each relief is hand finished just like the originals.  Additionally, each block is thoroughly cleaned, blasted, bored, CK-10 honed, and decked. Cranks are checked for cracks and main and rods journals ground and radiused for additional strength. Heads are resurfaced, or exchanged* depending on desired compression ratio, subject to availability and condition of core.  New main and connecting rod bearings. 

Stroker cranks  (extra cost) available for displacements up to a whopping 362 tire churning cubic inches!   

Don't waste money rebuilding your cherished Hudson engine with components that won't stand up to unleaded fuel or high performance driving.  55 year old connecting rod bolts, Morse timing chains / sprockets, weak and surge prone valve springs, stamped retainers, cast pistons, undersized head fasteners, and lack of hard seats are notorious problem areas!  Eliminate them all during your rebuild!  Your investment is appreciating, treat it to the finest rebuilt engine available for Hudson's today!

 *Aftermarket connecting rods, stroker cranks, exchange heads, align honing, CUSTOM billet cams & oversized hard chromed tappets, dry decking, and other special vintage racing mods are available at extra cost.

Offered Exchange or outright, (exchange must supply rebuildable core, block, crank, head, cam, and connecting rods, unservicable parts subject to minor addl. core charges)

Reaming Hudson Rod for ARP 190,000 psi Rod Bolts

The 7X+ 308 Hornet  (starts at)  $7000